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Let's set up a time to meet:

STEP 1: The sign-up process. I will come to your home to do a meet & greet session with you and your animals. We will discuss which options I offer that will suit your needs the most. There are a few forms to fill out and then we'll be set for any future reservations. I generally allot one hour max for the signup process. Normally, we'll sit down and go over the paperwork process first. I prefer to let your dogs come to me and for the introduction to be a calm one.

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In addition, we can discuss any behavioral issues you've been experiencing with your canine family members. While I'm there, I can evaluate and address your concerns briefly and determine if I can assist you in those areas as well. This is a service we can schedule for a later date if you're interested.

The Consultation Fee is a one time charge of $15.00

but may be waived with a $200 deposit.

Please have your pets' records handy and preferably copies made of shot records. If I will need to access your home, please have a spare key that works ready.

STEP 2: Decide how often per day and ideally how much time each visit you want me to spend at your home or with your pets.

I have several options available to cover your needs. One is to estimate how long each and every visit will take and quote you an estimate during the sign-up process. A deposit is required and any differences for additional time can be settled when you return.

** Remember, when dealing with mother nature and animals, sometimes you have to expect the unexpected.

If you think you will need services frequently after the initial service, another option is to keep a running balance or open account with me. You may pay a larger deposit (remember the sign up fee is waived with a $200 deposit) and we work off of it as you need my services. I will let you know when your account balance is low and you will also see it on the invoices I leave or e-mail (usually after 10 or so visits). This minimizes the amount of paperwork involved, check writing and stamps and is ideal for repeat services. I also offer paperless invoices sent by e-mail to your address.

This is the preferred method as it allows me to Charge as I go: If I need 30 minutes, I charge for a 30 minute visit. If I only need 15 minutes due to bad weather, etc, that's what you are charged. Any funds or unused time leftover will be credited to your account and any differences can be settled up when you return home.

For clarification, a "visit" is considered one trip out to your home.

STEP 3: Contact me to set up a consultation or if you need more information.

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