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After a fiasco with a kennel, in 2006, I wanted to check out a what a "petsitter" was all about. While driving down S. Sterling St. one afternoon, I found myself behind a truck that said House Paws Pet Sitting, so I grabbed my cell and dialed the number. I chatted with Randy for a few moments before he asked me what kind of dogs I had... Well when I said "Boxers," that was all it took; Over the years, Randy and I have become great friends, but long story, short... My recommendation for Randy comes in the fact that I left my "girls," Kiri and Bela, in his care... For those of you who know me well, I don't have to say another word...THAT is the ultimate recommendation!! If you want your pets to be cared 

for and loved when you can't be with them, Randy's petsitting

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services should be your choice! Not being in Morganton anymore, believe me when I say I miss him!!

--Caroline Sibila

Thanksgiving…I give thanks for Randy Brown.

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On this Thanksgiving I want to give thanks to Randy Brown. He has cared for my dogs Milo and Honey Pye since November, 2004. He attended daily to Pye after her eye lid surgery. Pye is a Rottweiler and that was no small chore. He always gives them any medications or supplements when I am away. Randy has taken late night calls to come and care for my babies after my mother broke her leg. Once when I was traveling the roads were closed due to an ice storm and snow. I could not get home that evening as planned. I sent him a text message late at night and he came and looked after them. Milo is a fun yellow lab and he is 12 ½ years old. He is goofy and everybody loves him. These days he takes glucosamine chondroitin, but he gets around really good for an old man. Pye now has cancer and Randy has been great to

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give her the pain medications. I am afraid this will be Pye’s last few days this week. I will miss her and so will Milo. Milo and Pye always look better when I get home after Randy has cared for them. When I am leaving to go out of town, I always say to them, “Don’t worry. Randy is going to come and give you good love.” I never hesitate to recommend Randy to friends. He is dependable, caring and honest. I think the highest and truest compliment that I can pay him is this: I trust Randy Brown to care for my best friend… Milo.


Morganton, NC

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Our dog, Heidi, is blind, and whenever we need a pet sitter, we call Randy to care for her in full confidence she will receive the very best of TLC. He is the only sitter we've ever had to leave a formal report on how our pet did under his care (Heidi always merits an "A"). Our son and his wife, along with their two dogs, were visiting with us on one occasion. One of the dogs is an American Dingo, AKA a "Carolina Dog," that is high spirited, easily distracted and difficult to walk on a leash. Randy spent a couple of hours training Sadie and her two owners. The results were impressive to say the least. Highly recommended service. Highly recommended fellow to care for all the extensions of your family!

Jerry and Ellen


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"Peace of Mind is second to none when having someone look after and care for your precious pets. Randy Brown offers peace of mind and more. He is professional in his organization of your needs and friendly and warm towards each pet in his care.

Randy has been an excellent resource for us in both planned, long term care as well as helping out in a pinch. With Randy, you can be assured that your pets will be well cared for and have quite a bit of fun as well."

"Thanks Randy!"


Nebo, NC

"We have been using Randy's services since June 2005. My dog

accepted him right away, and since then we adopted 3 cats, and he has helped me take care of them while we are away. My dog was aging, and he would call, text or email me with her status when needed. Unfortunately she did pass away in August at the age of 15, and he was as hurt as we were. He now helps me with my cats on a weekly basis. I have recommended him to several friends already. We feel safe & secure with his services, and he not only helps with the pets, he checks around our house & gets our mail! He works very hard at his business & cares deeply for animals."

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Laurie Craig

"With Randy the Pet Sitter, I don't have to worry about who is going to take care of my dog Foxy while I'm away. There is no one else I trust to take care of Foxy or with the key to my house. Randy is very reliable and trustworthy. Also, if I need any advice regarding my dog, Randy is always helpful, he is the local "dog whisperer."

"Thanks Randy for your help,"

Hope C.

“Randy is an exceptional pet sitter who is extremely concerned about the well being of all animals whether they are in his care or not. He takes care of our dog, bird, and horses whenever we need him, even at the last second in an emergency. He has given my husband and me the peace of mind to enjoy our vacations without worrying that our loved ones at home are not getting the good and proper care that we give them and they deserve.”

Tara/ Morganton

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Thank you for all you've done to help take care of my kitties when I was out of town. I felt secure knowing that you were there to check on them as well as keep an eye on my home. Knowing that I could call at anytime to ask how they were doing was very reassuring. It's nice to be able to hire a professional instead of putting the responsibility on my busy friends and family. I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to others."

"Thanks so much,"

Ms. Burns/ Morganton

"I am so lucky I found Randy Brown to care for my sweet puppy! Randy is professional, conveniently located and charges reasonable fees. Randy takes excellent care of my miniature schnauzer Toby. Toby loves going to House Paws. Knowing he's in good hands gives me peace 

of mind."

Sharon W.

"I also meant to tell you that we finally changed Dolly over to Flint River Senior and not only does she love it (we can use it for treats she likes it so much) but we have been able to take her off the pain meds, glycoflex and prilosec and she's doing the best she's been in years. She is getting up much better and seems much more alert, active and engaged! I think you've hit on a winner- we are so happy with the results. Do we get any break by going to auto ship? When we get Ellen we hope to transition her to it 

as well."

"Thanks for encouraging us to try it!"


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"I found House Paws 4 years ago and I was so excited! We have 4 dogs and we work long hours and are unable to come home in the middle of the day to give them an outside break. We called Randy and he came over and went over his services with us and got acquainted with our 3 dogs inside and our dog outside. We even have a troubled shy dog that Randy is great with. I love the peace of mind knowing that my girls were being given attention while I wasn't home. We even started going on trips without the dogs and for the first time in 10 years. I trust Randy with my girls and I know they love the attention that he gives them."

"And just a little note about the Flint River Ranch. My dogs love it! When Randy left some samples for my dogs to try they refused their other food. I had to call Randy and ask him for more until my order came in. I have 2 dogs that had allergy issues and it was a trip to the vets office every 2 weeks for allergy shots and antibiotics but, not any more! Amazing dog food, my dogs ages are 12, 9, 6, and 5 and they all act like puppies because they feel good, and I believe it is because they get the good stuff. Thank you Randy for what you do!"

Angela Hibbard

"Being new to the area and looking for some assistance with my two dogs I wanted to find a trustworthly person. Randy is that person and has been wonderful to assist me even on short notice. His training techniques have allowed me to have more control of my dogs when I need to. I highly recommend him if you are in need of a pet sitter or trainer."

Doris in Morganton

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"We have known Randy pretty much from the beginning of House Paws and are so thankful to have him as our expert pet sitter. Because Randy takes such good care of our poodle, and our home, we can relax on vacations and know he's getting the best of care while we're away. How fortunate we are in this area to have a trustworthy and caring professional."

Carolyn K.